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Gurubootcamp Series

November 2013
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$299.40 for AIBI 2-Way Airbike + Delivery + Assembly + Workout Chart (Worth $499)

What You Get

For $299.40, we get an AIBI AB-B338HP 2-Way Airbike with Delivery, Assembly and Workout Chart (worth $499).


Sports attires are self-defined outfits of tank tops, spandex tights, and fun amatory pajamas. Build stamina in a physiologically perfectionist Tour de France during home with a AIBI 2-way Airbike.

Tone adult those legs and dump additional weight with a smallest risk of strain. The bike’s mobile handles concede a physique to work on a top and reduce tools including arms and thighs. The chair is a gentle one with cushioned spring, and a tallness can be practiced as required. While examination a television, a locking choice gives user a stretchable still effect. With a stout quality, a black colour bike provides low upkeep of use. Pick adult a gait by training adult to 20 mins a day. Choose to check out heart rate pulse, calories burnt, speed, distance, and time.

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  • Efficient building of stamina and flesh tone
  • Great bottom training activity as aptness program
  • Drop neglected pounds
  • Increases cardiovascular rate by 3 to 7%
  • Low risk of aria and over exercise
  • Movable handles for a sum physique workout
  • Sturdy quality, dim colour for low maintenance
  • Work on top physique and reduce physique including arms and thighs
  • Adjustable chair tallness for opposite user’s heights
  • Cushioned chair with spring
  • Locking choice provides a still bike
  • Weighted foot-pedals with straps for safety
  • Adjustable cycling insurgency by branch a insurgency knob
  • Electronic scale to review speed, distance, time, calories burnt and heart-rate pulse
  • Easy to pierce about during home
  • Safe to control, float for a good 20 min everyday
  • Includes AIBI examination chart
  • Delivery and public included

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