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November 2013
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Camera+ 3.6 Adds Front Flash, Live Exposure Improvements

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Camera+ 3.6 - Live ExposureYou’d consider app developers would eventually strike a wall where they simply ran out of new facilities to add, though that doesn’t seem to be a box with Camera+, that only pushed out another good refurbish for both iPhone and iPad.

tap daub daub has released Camera+ 3.6 for iPhone and Camera+ 1.1 for iPad, bringing a series of sharp new facilities to a already renouned third-party camera app.

Claiming to have done a unfit possible, Camera+ has introduced a peep for your front-facing camera with a latest version. No, they’re not unctuous new hardware into your iOS device, though a app will now light adult your shade while holding a shot with a front camera to assistance irradiate a scene.

If your friends protest that your photos are always crooked, a new setting turn underline will shortly have them singing your praises instead with a nonintrusive program solution.

Live Exposure is another large further to Camera+, permitting budding pros to see a sum of their bearing parameters before indeed holding a shot. That includes ISO, shiver speed and f/stop, and interjection to this new feature, framing with a iPhone 5 is also some-more accurate than ever.

Camera+ also includes a horde of smaller though equally acquire improvements and bug fixes, and a giveaway updates are now accessible for iPhone and iPad versions in a App Store.

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